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Add Kitchen
For those who are looking to join the Nohung family by directly catering to the needs of our customers with your services, you can register your kitchen with us in 3 simple steps:

Create your account with Nohung:

This will help users discover
your restaurant


Register your kitchen:

Provide basic details about your
kitchen and upload your menu


Receive orders through our app:

You will now be able to manage
your orders through our app and cater
your services to users in the area.

To register your kitchen with us, please provide basic details about your restaurant, and upload your menu.

You will be required to provide the following information:


Kitchen details (location, owner, etc)


Copy of FSSAI Licence


Kitchen Menu


Copy of your PAN Card


Bank Details


A few images of some of your top selling items

Once you start getting orders your can add your bank details or your payment gateway to get direct payment from your customers without any hassle{payment would be sent as per your bank procedure}, you also have an option to add Nohung payment if needed.

By registering with Nohung, you will be able to cater your services to users in the vicinity. We would act as a means through which you could connect with these users and offer your services to them

After registering with us, you will be able to manage your orders through our app

If you have been thinking about expanding your services to also serve meals and not just individual dishes, Nohung is the place to register with to help expand this service as we cater to people with hectic lifestyles and those who want to watch their diet. We are not only limited to serving meals but also serving individual dishes.

Through Nohung, you would be able to expand your business and cater your services to users in the city and gain more visibility. You would no longer have to limit your business to only serving in-house.


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